HERUPAACHAN, a leading brand in moving services in Japan, has developed a special service to help foreigners in English and Indonesian. Understanding that moving can be a challenging and complicated process, HERUPAACHAN is committed to providing a smooth and comfortable experience for its international customers.

HERUPAACHAN's moving services provide a team of experts who are experienced in addressing the unique needs and requirements often faced by foreigners living in Japan. HERUPAACHAN's English and Indonesian speaking moving team will communicate all information and instructions clearly, ensuring that international clients feel fully understood and supported in their move process.

One of HERUPAACHAN's strengths is personal consultation services in English and Indonesian. The team of experts will provide detailed guidance on moving procedures, required documents, and administrative requirements related to moving to Japan. They will assist international customers with all practical aspects such as housing search, the process of renting or buying a home, as well as arranging moving and transportation services.

HERUPAACHAN also offers support services during and after the move. They will schedule a visit to the customer's new home to ensure all details and preferences are taken care of. Customer service is available through various communication channels such as telephone, email and online chat in English and Indonesian, enabling customers to get help quickly and easily.

In carrying out its services, HERUPAACHAN has built a network of reliable local partners, including real estate agents, furniture suppliers, and transportation companies. This enables them to offer the best solutions tailored to the individual needs of each international customer.

HERUPAACHAN, with its customer satisfaction-oriented services and in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by foreigners in Japan, aims to make the moving process easier and more efficient for its international customers. With the moving services they offer in English and Indonesian, HERUPAACHAN serves as a reliable partner and helps foreigners to start a comfortable life in Japan.